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Items with "Location: Abroad"
Title Class
1780, Margaret manumission disputed Event
1782-03-05, Reg ran away Event
1801-05, Peter manumission planning (denied) Event
1803-05-07, Nann sale Event
1809-06-26, Sarah’s Children sale planning Event
1813-08-10, Ann sale Event
1813-08-10, Basila sale Event
1813-08-10, Hillary sale Event
1813-08-10, Mary sale Event
1813-08-10, Matilda sale Event
1817-01-21, Michael sale Event
1818-06-10, Catherine Venus sale disputed Event
1826-03-08, Alzire, death Event
1833-10-22, Molly Brown manumission planning Event
1833-10-22, Thomas Brown manumission planning Event
Items with "Home Location: Abroad"
Title Class
Alzire Agent
Ann Agent
Baptist Agent
Baptist Agent
Basila Agent
Bill Agent
Billy Agent
Bob Agent
Bridget Agent
Cecilia Adams Agent