St. Joseph's Manor


St. Joseph's Manor
In 1765, with authorization of Mission Superior George Hunter, Joseph Mosley, SJ, who was then stationed at Bohemia Manor, began the process of buying a small parcel of land in Talbot County near Queen's Town on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. Taking possession of the track in March, Mosley arrived with eight enslaved people from White Marsh plantation.

(Joseph Mosley, Daybook St. Joseph's Church (1764-1767) Accounts [174 B], Maryland Province Archives, (Box: 49, Folder: 2), and Thomas Hughes, History of the Society of Jesus in North America Colonial and Federal (Documents), Vol. 1, Part 1 Nos. 1-140 (1605-1838) (Cleveland: The Burrows Brothers company, 1908), 328-332.)
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1771-10-16, Matthew baptism Location Event
1773-04-04, Thom baptism Location Event
1773-09-04, Samuel baptism Location Event
1775-02-07, Frances baptism Location Event
1777-08-24, Margaret baptism Location Event
1778-10-10, Thomas baptism Location Event
1780-04-09, Henrietta baptism Location Event
1781-09-01, John Baptist baptism Location Event
1782-10-12, Gleotilda baptism Location Event
1786-03-04, Jane baptism Location Event
1799-03-16, Jerry baptism Location Event
Title Alternate label Class
Betsy Home Location Agent
Matthew Home Location Agent
Thom Home Location Agent
Samuel Home Location Agent
Frances Home Location Agent
Margaret Home Location Agent
Thomas Home Location Agent
Henrietta Home Location Agent
Gleotilda Home Location Agent
Jane Home Location Agent
Jerry Home Location Agent
Ned Home Location Agent
Thom Home Location Agent
Henny Home Location Agent